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Benefits of membership to individuals

Undergraduate University Students

We can support you as an undergraduate student from day one of you bio-sciences degree, through providing you thoughtful insight and knowledge to;


Postgraduate University Researchers

Make the most of your postgraduate studies with our resources and connect with our global community.

Attend our conferences

Faculty & Teaching Staff

Discover a wealth of resources, keep up to date with the molecular bio-sciences and connect with the world’s leading community of molecular biologists.

Entrepreneurs & Investors

We strongly believe that research and projects of today could become industry and business of tomorrow. Take advantage of our wide variety of resources, keep up to date with recent development in the molecular biology and connect with our international community of over 5,000 subscribers.

Progress your career

Demonstrate your commitment to the highest professional standards by working towards one of our internationally recognised qualifications. There’s a suitable development framework for everyone, from entrepreneurs to investors.

Advanced training courses

Our advanced quality training courses for bio-technologists and molecular biologists, helps you to extend your skills. Courses are assessed by subject experts of high grade.

Strengthen your network

Our Networks can help you to build up your professional contacts. Strengthen your network by joining our events and technical sessions, allowing you to meet members working in specific areas of molecular science. You can also meet scientists in your area and present your commercial products to them.

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Our members make us what we are – a vibrant and diverse worldwide community, advancing excellence in molecular biology.